We at Penner Farm Services are proud to partner with some of the world's foremost specialists in livestock suppliers and services. These suppliers help us to give our customers the products that best fit their needs and keeps Canadian farms operating to their fullest potential. Below is a list of those we are proud to call our partners.

Suppliers Website Sector
Automated Production Systems (AP) Dairy
Barkman Concrete Products Inc. Dairy
Better Air Ventilation Systems Dairy
Boumatic Dairy
Canarm Ltd. (BSM) Dairy
Easy Automation Dairy
GEA (Houle) Dairy
GSI Dairy
GSI Electronics (Norsol) Dairy
Kraiburg Dairy
Lely Canada Inc. Dairy
Maximus Dairy
Patz Corporation Dairy
Paul Mueller Company Dairy
Ritchie Industries Inc. Dairy
Rovibec Inc. Dairy
Secco International Dairy
Spruce Crest Enterprises Dairy
Sun-North Systems Ltd. Dairy
Valmetal Inc. Dairy
Easy Automation Farmstead
SUKUP Farmstead
ADA Enterprises Inc. Hog
Automated Production Systems (AP) Hog
Barkman Concrete Products Inc. Hog
Better Air Ventilation Systems Hog
Canarm Ltd. (BSM) Hog
Conception Romain Inc. Hog
Easy Automation Hog
GEA (Houle) Hog
Maximus Hog
Osborne Industries Hog
Skiold-Echberg Hog
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Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Industry Links
Manitoba Pork Council Industry Links
Husky Farm Equipment Manure
Aerway Holland Equipment Manure
Cornell Pump Manure
Ford Dickison (2000) Inc. Poultry
Shenandoah Poultry
Agile Mfg. Inc. Poultry
Agra Flooring International Ltd. Poultry
Automated Production Systems (AP) Poultry
Better Air Ventilation Systems Poultry
Cumberland Poultry
Easy Automation Poultry
Ford Dickison (FDI) Poultry
GSI Poultry
Lubing Poultry
Maximus Poultry
Roxell Poultry
Salmet Poultry
Vencomatic Poultry