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2020 Chick Days at Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply
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  • Cornish, Pekin Ducks and African Geese - oh my!

    Spring is coming, which means Chick Days are just around the corner! Our Steinbach Horizon location is once again offering a variety of chicks from Berg's Hatchery for pre-order. New this year - we are offering supply packages featuring a host of items you will need to raise your chicks, right from the day you pick them up. Additionally, packages are available for layers aged 4+weeks as well as meat birds aged 3+months, all offering large savings!

    Chick delivery dates are specific to the type of bird being order; all dates fall between April - July. Chicks are available for pick-up from Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply in Steinbach, MB only.

    Call your friendly Steinbach Horizon staff today to place your order for chicks and supply packages today at 204.346.5222.

  • Types of Birds Available:

    - Cornish
    - Browns
    - White Leghorns
    - Columbian RockXReds
    - Grazers
    - White Turkeys
    - Pekin Ducks
    - White Danish Geese
    - Guinea Fowl
    - Rhode Island Red
    - New Hampshire Red
    - Barred Plymouth Rock
    - Black Sex Link
    - Rouen Ducks
    - Black Swedish Ducks
    - Silver Appleyard Ducks
    - White Crested Ducks
    - Welsh Harlequin Ducks
    - Cayuga Ducks
    - Tufted Toulouse Geese
    - African Geese
    - Artisan Gold Turkeys
    - Orlopp Bronze Turkeys
    - Assorted Bantams
    - Buff Orpington
    - Ameraucanas
    - Assorted Brahmas
    - Black Jersey Giants
    - Black Australorps
    - Buckeyes
    - Variety Package